Touring Exhibitions are the Name of the Game

Take a chance on us and head out on the road to join Museums Galleries Scotland and the Touring Exhibitions Group for a special mix of training hits here in Edinburgh. After the sell-out, arena-filling, world-conquering success of our first ever training bundle*, we’re delighted to launch the next group of professional courses inspired by our Sharing Collections symposium back in June. The Touring Exhibitions bundle will look into all you need to know about how to tour; from how to go about arranging it, to economics, and how to make friends and fans along the way.

Money, Money, Money…

The first pitstop on our tour of the subject of touring is the wonderful world of economics. Our Economics of Touring Exhibitions course considers the range of ways to structure a touring programme, the economic and partnership models that can be employed, how to build a consortia of venues to work with, budgeting, fundraising and sustainable touring. The seminar draws on the findings of the Touring Exhibitions Group’s 2016 research, published in the Economics of Touring Exhibitions Survey Report: An Analysis of Touring Exhibitions Practice in the UK. It will be delivered by TEG trainer Louise Hesketh, who will work with participants to establish the building blocks, resources and knowledge to enable them to implement a strategic approach to touring, whether you’re living in a rich man’s world or not.


 Super Trouper

Have you got an exhibition that you’d like to take on tour, but you don’t have a clue where to start? Before you shout S.O.S, the next course in our bundle will show you how taking an exhibition out on tour doesn’t need to make you sick and tired of everything. Beginning to Tour provides basic skills and knowledge for creating and managing touring programmes. The seminar is aimed at organisations interested in producing their own touring exhibitions or hiring exhibitions for their venue. We’ll encourage active learning by sharing up-to-date examples of best practice and creating practical resources, taking you through all of the principal stages of delivering a touring exhibition. Alice Lobb, Exhibitions Manager at the Barbican, will draw on her vast experience to support delegates to think about touring.


Knowing Me, Knowing You

We’ve all heard that age-old wisdom that failing to prepare is to prepare to fail. It’s important to work out partnership details before you start, to avoid problems when all is said and done. Join us to find out how to devise Partnership Agreements to develop and deliver collaborative exhibitions, events or programmes. Aimed at managers, this third workshop in our bundle uses TEG’s partnership agreement template and resources as its starting point. It looks at why and when to introduce a partnership agreement; how the development of a partnership agreement can support effective project planning and development; different approaches to reaching an agreement; the key content to include in an agreement; and how to remix an agreement to suit a project. Charlotte Dew, TEG Trainer and Preparing to Borrow Programme Manager, will explore why we’re head over heels for partnership agreements.


Gimme, Gimme, Gimme the Touring Exhibitions bundle!

We hope we’ve convinced you that you need to book yourself a ticket for our world tour of touring… but if you need any more persuasion, how about a nice wee bargain to seal the deal? Don’t let additional value for money slip through your fingers; with a bundle you’ll get 20% off the standard price of booking the sessions individually. Courses booked as a bundle also come with supporting materials, which won’t be available to single-course bookers. Attendees will follow a development journey, with knowledge developed over time rather than all in one day. If you can’t make time for all the courses though, don’t worry: one-hit wonders are fine too!

Whether voulez-vous a bundle or an individual course, you can book online using any of the links above. Ring ring us on 0131 550 4100 if you need any help.

We hope to see you in Edinburgh for some Touring Exhibitions training, and we look forward to the record-breaking tours that follow.


*A very slight exaggeration. It did sell out though…



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