Sharing Collections and Touring Exhibitions Bundle

Sharing Collections Symposium: Where do we go from here?

We recently partnered with National Museums Scotland to hold a one-day symposium on the themes of lending, borrowing and touring exhibitions. There were great stories from museums working together to share collections and develop their own touring exhibitions. We’ve created a series of videos of the talks and panel discussions as a learning resource which you can view in full on our Vimeo channel. You can also relive the insights from social media from the #sharingcollections tweets through a curated Storify.

However, the Symposium was only the beginning. We’ve partnered with organisations such as Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG), Museums Association, NMS Scott-Moncrieff and Arts Council England, to develop a comprehensive training programme to advance the themes discussed on the day. Our new Touring Exhibitions training bundle, delivered in partnership with TEG, will help museums create, manage and improve their own touring programmes.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is our way to grouping together relevant skills development areas in response to the needs of the sector. Rather than one-off courses, we’ve created a development journey where you can pick and mix which courses suit you individually, or you can participate in the whole programme and receive a 20% discount on the total cost, as well as added extras. Bundles are better value for money and the knowledge is acquired over months, so there’s greater chance of its positive impacts being retained.  Our bundles will respond to sector needs, fill learning gaps and empower museums to reach their potential.

Our second bundle, Touring Exhibitions, consists of three one-day courses looking at all the different aspects of touring. They’re ideal for anyone looking to create a touring exhibition, to develop their existing skills managing tour programmes or to learn how to market your own exhibitions for a tour. Each workshop builds on the previous, giving participants the skills to implement a strategic approach to touring. The three proactive workshops, delivered by a team of experts from the Touring Exhibitions Group, will cover finance, partnerships and the basics of touring in a practical and engaging way.

What courses are included?

The programme begins with The Economics of Touring Exhibitions which looks at ways to structure a touring programme, the economic and partnership models that can be employed, and other areas such as budgeting, fundraising and sustainable touring. Join Louise Hesketh, Trainer at TEG, on Wednesday 4th October 2017 for the building blocks participants need to start exploring touring programme development.

The second course, Beginning to Tour, provides basic skills and knowledge for creating and managing touring programmes, either through producing touring exhibitions or hiring exhibitions for a venue. On Wednesday 1st November Alice Lobb, TEG Trainer and Exhibitions Manager at the Barbican, London, will help delegates to gain the confidence and skills to begin to tour.

The final course on Tuesday 28th November 2017 will focus on Partnership Agreements. Charlotte Dew, TEG Trainer, will teach participants how to devise an agreement for small- to medium-scale partnership projects, to develop and deliver a collaborative exhibition, event or programme.

What does it cost?

Museums Galleries Scotland has subsidised the course price plus there is a further 20% discount if your organisation buys the whole programme: definitely greater value for money.

The prices are £80 per course/£192 for the bundle (Scottish museums’ staff and volunteers) or £130 per course/£312 for the bundle (participants from outwith the Scottish museum sector). Videos and info sheets will be available at a later date, giving you the resources to share knowledge with your colleagues.


For more training opportunities visit to view our full training programme. 


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