Access: Top Tips for Museums and Galleries

Promoting equality of access in museums goes beyond compliance: it is the right thing to do. Euan’s Guide reviewers have compiled the top tips for things you may not have thought about to make museum visits more accessible to them, beyond getting in the front door…


Webinar learnings!

17/03/2017 Sarah Burry-Hayes

As some of you will know, MGS ran its first webinar last week (7th March). I have to say that the idea initially made me a little nervous. The potential to use it to deliver training – therefore reaching far more museums for a fraction of the cost to participants


The Perfect PR Plan (with Stripe Communications)

08/03/2017 Sarah Burry-Hayes

This week, Museum Galleries Scotland hosted its first-ever Festival of Museums webinar. We were delighted to introduce our guest speaker, Shaun Bell, an Account Director at Stripe Communications – the Festival’s PR and comms agency. Here’s what he has to say… With the reveal of the 2017 Festival of Museums

the word webinar in scrabble pieces
MGS News

Why webinar?

09/02/2017 Sarah Burry-Hayes

So we’ve planned a webinar. It’s primarily aimed at helping Festival of Museums participants in the run up to their events, but will contain tons of expert advice and everyone is welcome to register and tune in – it’ll be free. We’ll be running it at 2pm on 7 March 2017

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