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A Riveting Day Out. That’s what drew me in. Possibly the best tagline ever, created for Scotland’s industrial museums. Under a new, public-facing brand name – Go Industrial – this federation of independent Accredited industrial museums holding Recognised Collections has set a bold path of mutual support and cooperation.

For my sins, I’ve been at the rudder since August 2016 as Coordinator. At the helm are our member museums, across the length and breadth of the country: from Aberdeenshire to Dumfries & Galloway; from Argyll to Fife.

Why industry?

The industrial revolution touches all our lives. It changed every aspect of life in Scotland. The world was transformed. Our museums cover the wealth of Scotland’s industry: from fishing to textiles; from mining to shipbuilding; from steel production to transport. Most importantly, our museums tell the stories of the people who served as the backbone of these industries.

Industrial Museums Scotland is born

In looking to the future, these industrial museums joined together to form Industrial Museums Scotland (our Sunday name!). Our aim is to ensure that Scotland’s amazing industrial heritage continues to play an important role in our rich culture, and serves to inspire the future whilst safeguarding the past.
Since 2010, IMS has promoted partnership and joint working and developed to become a model of best practice for the sector. As well as meeting regularly to provide mutual support, our members have spearheaded a variety of project, culminating in our current marketing project, funded by the Recognition Fund and the Scottish Government.


The marketing project has enabled the #GoIndustrial collective to bring to life on the digital high street. Despite our base in Scotland’s industrial past, we understand how crucial it is to reach and inspire our audiences through digital means. Alongside training and a marketing strategy, the new brand – Go Industrial – is intended to be dynamic and attract new and wider audiences. #GoIndustrial is now live online and active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The #GoIndustrial app

As well as an online presence, the Go Industrial app was launched in June. Learning through play is a key feature of our museums and the app is another tool in the toy box. Visitors can check in at our museums, play games, earn rewards and learn about our industrial past along the way. And it’s suitable for enquiring minds of all ages.

#GoIndustrial Day’s LOUD LAUNCH

To mark the launch of the app, Sunday 6th August 2017 will be the first #GoIndustrial Day! Our members will be taking part in a LOUD LAUNCH through Facebook Live at 12noon. Bells will ring, whistles will peep, and horns will hoot. Visitors can take part online and at our venues in person. We’re looking forward to making some noise about #GoIndustrial!

What next?

Our next project will focus on the Recognised Collections, to improve their care and promote them further. Objects are at the heart of our museums and caring for those objects is the reason our museums exist. Our Recognised Collections are one of the cornerstones of IMS, and holding this status is of great importance. Not only in terms of the funding and other opportunities this provides, but because Recognition status illustrates the significance of these collections to the preservation of the history of our nation.

While we work on developing and funding the collections project, our learning staff are forming a discrete group. We’ll meet on a regular basis for mutual support and the exchange of ideas. Ultimately this group will work towards disseminating their knowledge and skills to our other members.

Through the partnership, IMS will continue to work to spark the popular imagination, open eyes to the wonders of our industrial past, and encourage all to spend a brilliant day out in our museums.


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