Going Industrial

06/07/2017 GoIndustrial

A Riveting Day Out. That’s what drew me in. Possibly the best tagline ever, created for Scotland’s industrial museums. Under a new, public-facing brand name – Go Industrial – this federation of independent Accredited industrial museums holding Recognised Collections has set a bold path of mutual support and cooperation. For


Museums on the Frontline: Safeguarding our Living Heritage

11/04/2017 Joanne Orr

The world of museums conjures up images of stuff, objects, things that are tangible, however the value of this stuff is in what we know about it; the intangible stuff, what was it used for? Who used it? Or even what is it?  The intangible aspects of museum collections have


Working in Partnership at Kelvin Hall

09/02/2017 Kelly Forbes

When looking for examples of effective partnership working within the Scottish museum sector, you don’t have to look much further than Kelvin Hall in Glasgow. The mixed-use facility continues to be developed in partnership between Glasgow City Council, Glasgow University and the National Library of Scotland. Within those organisations Glasgow


Finding support through Museum Forums

09/02/2017 Devon McHugh

One of the many great ways museums work in partnership with each other is through local and regional forums, which offer opportunities for museums to share knowledge, establish collaborative projects, and pursue regional initiatives, including marketing and events. Scotland has more than a dozen forums, and each one is slightly


Dig Into Dig It! 2017

09/02/2017 Sarah Burry-Hayes

Dig It! 2017 is the year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology and we’re making it easy to get involved with – you guessed it – archaeology. At its core, archaeology uncovers and tells stories from the past using physical traces that people have left behind – just like museums. Thanks to

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Making Ancestral Tourism pay: Welcome to ‘myancestralscotland’

11/01/2017 Sarah Burry-Hayes

The University of Strathclyde’s Business School has, for the last three years, been researching the potential of ancestral tourism within Scotland. Here, Dr Matthew Alexander explains a little about their findings, the project that has grown out of their research and how this can help museums. “Our ancestral tourism research has revealed a

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