Countdown to Festival of Museums 2016

Holy Festival fun Batman, the worlds of science and superheroes are about to collide! Indeed they are, Robin, and there’s only one place we want to be when they do… Festival of Museums! Taking place in Scotland’s museums from Fri 13 – Sun 15 May, it’s a big, fun celebration of the magic of science and history.

With over 100 events in a packed weekend of fun right across the country, there’s sure to be something for the young and young-at-heart alike. This week we’ll be focusing on the more science-y elements of the programme, but stay tuned for more updates as we delve into the world of history, arts, nightlife and family adventures in our upcoming blogs!

Make your Festival of Museums experience go with a bang at Almond Valley as they delve into the Terrible Consequences of improper paraffin lamp usage… Firefly Theatre re-enacts some Victorian tragedies following accidents with oil lamps, while Dr Bunhead explores the science of explosions. BOOM!

Then, sit back and relax as the cosmos comes into focus in a spectacular stargazing session at Coats Observatory. Join them for an exploration of the fantastic as you journey to the outer limits of your imagination as the science of the solar system is explained in a planetarium film show. Great fun after a day of sci-fi and superheroes at Paisley Museum!

Discover the history and future of energy at the Falconer Museum with two exciting, interactive workshops run by the team from Hands on Science. Be blown away by the wind turbine challenge, test your skills with their solar powered buggies, discover static magic, making lemon clocks, magic pen circuits and a kinetic bike with inflatable, illuminated lightbulb!

If the medical sciences are more your thing, you’ll enjoy the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow’s journey through Glasgow’s Marvellous Medicine. From 1599 to the present day, Glasgow has been at the forefront of some amazing medical achievements. Come along and discover the beginnings of antiseptic surgery, take a peek inside an apothecary’s cabinet and a 19th century surgical kit and find out about Glasgow’s marvellous medical story

Whether you’ve travelled from near or far, you’re sure of a wonderful welcome at the University of Edinburgh’s series of events exploring the lost world of adventuring. Come along and learn from some of the collections our adventurous Geologists have brought home from their intrepid expeditions; and journey through the archives on quests to uncover new lands, and maybe some stories of intrigue! You can also locate the source of inspired pirate tales, real life accounts of daring exploits and look at some of the earliest maps to see if ‘X’ really marks the spot. Join award-winning author Gavin Francis for the adventurous grand finale and venture into uncharted territories as you tour the human body and start exploring the University’s wonderful anatomy collections.

The Festival of Museums Team

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