The Perfect PR Plan (with Stripe Communications)

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Festival of Museums. The Black Watch Castle Museum in Perth

This week, Museum Galleries Scotland hosted its first-ever Festival of Museums webinar. We were delighted to introduce our guest speaker, Shaun Bell, an Account Director at Stripe Communications – the Festival’s PR and comms agency. Here’s what he has to say…

With the reveal of the 2017 Festival of Museums programme just a few weeks away, this is an incredibly exciting time. Museums are thinking about promotion of their unbelievable range of events and we’re working hard on planning a high impact unveil of the programme.

Getting started the webinar way

To help get everyone started, we presented a Festival of Museums webinar on how to get your town talking by making the most of PR. For those who missed it, never fear, you can watch it here

#FoMWebinar “How to get your town talking: The perfect PR plan” from Museums Galleries Scotland on Vimeo.

Do also share it with your colleagues or contacts who may be interested. If you’re sharing it on social media, remember to use the #FoMwebinars hashtag.

During the webinar I presented my top tips on delivering the perfect PR plan to ensure that museums across the country approach their local media outlets in the most impactful way.

When creating the perfect PR plan, you should consider:

  • Photography
  • Press releases
  • Inviting media to your event
  • Speaking to journalists
  • Social media

To help museums maximise PR ahead of the Festival of Museums, we’ve created a PR toolkit which can be downloaded from the MGS site and contains advice guides alongside templates for press releases, media invites and #FOM2017 social media content.

We’re starting to plan our big ‘PR moments’ to publicise the Festival of Museums and we’d love to hear about your plans. Whether it’s photo or broadcast opportunities, PR stories or draft press releases – get in touch! Drop us a line at

Questions and contacts

There was an active discussion during our webinar with some great questions. Although we couldn’t answer all of them due to time constraints, if you have anything specific to ask and are taking part in Festival of Museums, please do contact us and we can help.

One question that did come up was around central communications or marketing departments preventing museums talking to the press directly. This is very common as these departments often have to juggle communications for a number of agendas. But we would recommend getting them involved at the beginning of your planning, asking for their input and keeping them posted throughout. It’ll therefore be an integral part of their calendar and will fit into broader plans.

If you’re an organisation that works with a lot of different stakeholders, trade bodies or local authorities, we know it can also take time to get approval on media materials and PR stories. Plan early and get everyone involved at the beginning – we certainly will.

If you have any questions about publicity for your Festival of Museums event or our wider communications plan, you can contact the Stripe Communications team on

Bring on the festival!

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