Spotlighting Scotland’s Recognised Collections

Connect March 2017


You’ll probably be familiar with the Recognition Scheme, even if you’re not a part of it. For the uninitiated, the scheme is used to Recognise the best reflections of our shared heritage that Scotland’s non-national museums have to offer– a kind of stamp of approval from the Scottish Government to the collections deemed to be Nationally Significant Collections.

Scotland’s 47 Nationally Significant Collections (the artists formerly known as the ‘Recognised Collections of National Significance’) can be found in towns and cities across the country. From Dundee to Dumfries and from Shetland to Ayr, visitors can be inspired by these collections of remarkable historic and cultural significance. Everyday necessities, industrial innovations and beautifully crafted objects are equally likely to feature in the group of collections that have been Recognised as Nationally Significant to Scotland. Other Recognised Collections contain the chair in which Burns wrote his last poems and the world’s oldest national football trophy. Together the collections weave a rich tapestry of Scotland’s history, to be enjoyed all across the country.

To throw more of a spotlight on these museums as sector leaders, we’ve launched a brand new blog site – – where they will tell their stories in their own words, giving a unique flavour of the scheme from a different angle than what you’re more used to hearing. We’ve got a packed schedule of blogs lined up for the next year, with loads of very interesting topics and various different ways that the Recognised Holders will be looking at their collections. We’ll hopefully also be hearing from our Recognition committee, who’ll give a different perspective again and an insight into the nuts and bolts of the scheme’s operations. We’d love lots of the sector to follow the Recognition blog: sharing with other interested parties will be most appreciated!

To get the word out to the world about our lovely, shiny new blog, we’ve launched a brand new, complementary twitter platform for the Nationally Significant Collections, which you can find at @NatSignifColls. From there we’ll be tweeting all our blog posts as well as the general musings of our Nationally Significant Collections. Go on, give us a follow!

We’re also aiming to take over Twitter (we’re aiming high…) with our very own Tweet Day on Monday 17 April. It’s also Easter Monday, so if you’re off work you can get your heritage fix whilst enjoying your seasonal excessive-consumption-of-chocolate fix. Feel free to join in, we’ll be tweeting about what #ScotlandsNSCs mean to us, what they’re up to, any brilliant projects they’ve done recently… hopefully you get the idea! We’d love to hear from all the museums who hold Nationally Significant Collections, those who don’t, and those who are just interested, so don’t be shy, use the hashtag to loop us all in to your tweets.

We’re looking forward to sharing the stories of our Nationally Significant Collections with you, so be sure to bookmark our site and follow us on Twitter.

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