illumination: Harbour Festival of Light

The dark of winter may be an unwelcome thought at this time of year when it’s still light at 10pm but a festival of light just doesn’t work in July. That’s what Connect learned this month when we travelled to the Scottish Maritime Museum (SMM) in Irvine to talk to their Museum Director, David Mann, about illumination: Harbour Festival of Light.

In December 2016, the SMM hosted a three-day light spectacular within the museum and the on the river outside. Inspired by their summer 2016 exhibition on George Wyllie, Curator of Art, Fiona Greer (née Carmichael) suggested floating lit up paper boats in the harbour to mimic Wyllie’s artwork. That idea grew into illumination, which included art installations by Aether & Hemera, light and acrobatic shows in the Linthouse, fireworks and a parade.

Watch the video below to hear more about this highly successful festival.

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