Giving Back: Spotlight on Volunteering

Connect December 2016

The season of giving is upon us and this month’s Connect we wanted to highlight a different kind of “giving” that happens all year round. We’re talking about the many volunteers who give up their time to support ¬†museums and galleries across Scotland.

We travelled to Dundee to Scotland’s Jute Museum at Verdant Works to talk to Jo Herbert who has been a volunteer with Dundee Heritage Trust (DHT) for 30 years, joining just before RRS Discovery returned to Dundee. We talk to Jo about her experiences volunteering over the years and her impression of how methods and even the organisation have changed over her time at DHT.

We also talk to Brian Kelly, Development Officer for DHT, about the volunteering programme at Verdant Works and RSS Discovery and the important role that volunteers play at DHT.

As it’s Christmas and you deserve a treat, this video will be followed by another later this month where we spoke to Lily Thomson. Lily is also a volunteer at Verdant Works, who worked as a machinist in a jute factory, and now operates the weaving apparatus for visitors to the museum.¬†


Giving Back: Spotlight on Volunteering from Museums Galleries Scotland on Vimeo.

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