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Connect February 2017

Dig It! 2017 is the year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology and we’re making it easy to get involved with – you guessed it – archaeology. At its core, archaeology uncovers and tells stories from the past using physical traces that people have left behind – just like museums. Thanks to Festival of Museums (FoM) and Scotland in Six, there are lots of ways to engage with the “archaeology” side of Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Leaira Redondo, President of the Edinburgh Archaeology Outreach Project, investigates a prehistoric stone axe hammer from Archaeology Scotland in front of the Hilton of Cadboll stone (pictured here in the National Museum of Scotland).
Neil Hanna Photography www.neilhannaphotography.co.uk 07702 246823

Festival of Museums

We’ve teamed up with Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) to help you fill any archaeology gaps for Festival of Museums. If you’re already engaged with archaeology, we can work with you to develop something new for 2017. If you don’t know your microliths from your megaliths, we can help you start from scratch (even if you think that you have zero connections to archaeology). Send over a quick email and we’ll bounce ideas around, put you in touch with heritage and non-heritage partners alike, or help locate funding sources.

We’ve listed a few of our favourite event ideas to help get you started:

Once you have a plan, you can register your event with FoM. This is a great way to gain publicity, access free toolkits and templates, gather data and benefit from MGS support.

Even if you don’t work with us to develop your FoM event, you can still benefit from free Dig It! 2017 promotion. Send over the details and we can add it to our digital programme, promote it on social media and include it in our monthly e-newsletter.

Scotland in Six

Scotland in Six will shine a spotlight on our iconic sites and hidden gems in 2017, and there are lots of opportunities for museums to get involved.

Scotland’s six UNESCO World Heritage Sites will kick off the Scotland in Six campaign. On World Heritage Day (18 April 2017), six quirky events will celebrate St. Kilda, Edinburgh Old Town and New Town, The Heart of Neolithic Orkney, New Lanark, The Antonine Wall and The Forth Bridge.

Activities for this Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology Signature Event range from guerrilla knitting to glow-in-the-dark festivities. Everyone is encouraged to get involved online using the #ScotlandinSix hashtag. On World Heritage Day (and in the lead up), we’re asking organisations to create blog posts, e-newsletter articles, social media posts or tweets about their links to the World Heritage Sites. Alternatively, you can sum up Scotland in your own #ScotlandinSix list by using your collections to create “#ScotlandinSix Pieces of Artwork” or “#ScotlandinSix Objects” content.

We’re also asking organisations to submit their “best-kept heritage secrets”. One hidden gem from each local authority area will then be put to a vote and the public will be invited to pick their top six. The winners will be celebrated with an event during Scottish Archaeology Month event, as well as accompanying Dig It! TV YouTube videos, press coverage and Minecraft builds.

Get involved!

Museums can act as the representative for Scotland in Six and nominate nearby sites or places with links to your collections. The nomination process runs until the end of March, so museums are encouraged to contact the Dig It! 2017 team now if they’re interested.  We want to put Scotland’s most spectacular sites on the same stage – whether they’re monumental or minute – but we need your help.

If you’d like to chat about FoM or Scotland in Six, contact info@digit2017.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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