Crafting the Mine – Getting to grips with Minecraft in Museums

Connect October 2016

Crafting the Mine is our very first video feature in our revamped e-newsletter Connect. Crafting the Mine is a Small Project Fund project of the National Mining Museum Scotland (NMMS) who worked with Stephen Reid of Immersive Minds to recreate Lady Victoria Colliery entirely in the popular video game, Minecraft.

Minecraft has become a global gaming sensation with young people (and plenty of adults too) who can explore a vast landscape, create subterranean mine networks, or build in almost limitless ways. Often described as a digital version of Lego, it has captured the imagination of an entire generation of kids and spawned Youtube gaming celebrities such as Stampylonghead and The Diamond Minecart.

NMMS have tapped in to this fandom with their very own minecraft map, a special built in game that teaches kids about the realities of mining and are holding special Crafting the Mine events at the museum where people can play the map for themselves. The map was made by Immersive Minds who you may already know from the popular series of DigIt events, Crafting the Past.

What could be a more natural fit for a mining museum than a video game about mining? Stephen and Gillian tell us more in the video below.


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