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We kickstart our New Year with a programme of training on the subject of income generation, with great courses from Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage, Culture Republic and more! We’ve got seven individual courses covering three different themes: a bundle called Focus on Fundraising, a solo artist called Rural Heritage and Commerciality, and the triple threat bundle that is Digital, Data and Marketing.

First up, we’ll be looking at fundraising, showing you why asking for money and founding firm friendships needn’t be daunting. In association with Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage, we’re delighted to take a particular focus on fundraising, with three courses in our bundle Focus on Fundraising covering the basics of developing a fundraising strategy for heritage groups and organisations, and then the nitty-gritty of implementing your chosen approach. Fundraising does take time, and costs money, but by having a more strategic approach to fundraising, heritage organisations can be more effective in their efforts.

On Wednesday 7 February, Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage’s Fundraising: Planning to Progress, provides a refresher on where heritage fits into the big picture, and what types of private investment are available. We’ll explore a number of different heritage fundraising case studies, the importance of having a fundraising strategy and a framework for developing one.

The bundle love continues the very next week, Wednesday 14 February, where we’ll take a lovingly in-focus look at Memberships and Friends schemes with Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage, and get loads of useful, practical tips and exercises to enable this key potential source of unrestricted funds to blossom. We’ll gaze longingly at the difference between membership and friends schemes and investigate which may become the apple of your organisation’s eye, before getting all hot under the collar over the advantages and challenges of setting up members and friends schemes. Okay, enough Valentine’s puns now…

Hot on its heels, on Tuesday 20 February, comes In Focus: Trusts and Foundations. This will provide an overview of how to make successful applications to charitable trusts and foundations. The training covers the funding landscape; has a squint at the advantages and disadvantages of applying; takes a proper look at what different types of trusts and foundations there are; and a good ol’ neb at how to research and identify potential trusts.

In addition to our special focus on fundraising, we’ll also be welcoming Scotland’s audience development agency, Culture Republic to bring their data-driven training to the museums and galleries world, which we’ve bundled up as Digital, Data and Marketing. On Tuesday 20 February, we’ll be kicking off with the Big Question – how do we turn Visitor Data into Action and what can you do to collect, manage and keep your data safe? You’ll be guided through all you need to know about collecting, using, cleansing, and protecting your data as well as considering how data could predict audience behaviours and identify problems before they hit. The workshop will take you through key areas of data management where you’ll discover just how much of your venue’s success at income generation depends on having a great database.

The next week, on Tuesday 27 February, we’ll be back with Culture Republic putting Digital Data into Action. You’ll be guided through personalised analytics for your organisation and use this to create a digital communication plan. You’ll leave with an understanding your current performance and a plan to improve your online engagement. You’ll gain a set of tools and techniques that will help you with advocacy, income generation and reaching your target markets.

We round off February with a special stand-alone session for rural museums and heritage sites, hosted in Dundee on Wednesday 28 February. In Rural Heritage and Commerciality, Ruthanne Baxter, currently Museums Services Manager for the University of Edinburgh, will be asking ‘can we afford to be commercial?’ and ‘can we afford not to?’. Ruthanne has over 15 years’ experience developing income generation activities in heritage settings. This workshop will support rural museums and heritage sites take a close look at the challenges and opportunities of developing commercial activity, specific to their organisation and rural location, with a strong diagnostic approach.

And the final course to tell you about at the moment is the final part of our Digital, Data and Marketing bundle, Digitising Your Marketing on Tuesday 6 March. Sixth Sense will be on hand to give you the full low-down on basic marketing terminology and methods, both traditional and digital. They’ll help you to know your market and understand your business environment, whether you’re planning to engage more with digital or dabble in it for the first time. We’ll look at how to take what you’ve learnt and apply it to each museum location with the aim of generating revenue. The course will also explore the opportunity and benefits of employing a Modern Apprentice in either Digital Marketing or an IT role from existing or new staff. Sixth Sense will carry out tailored 1-2-1 sessions with all attending delegates’ organisations after the course has finished to explore these Modern Apprentice opportunities, and provide further feedback and guidance on the learning from the course.

What does it all cost?

Each individual course within the Focus on Fundraising bundle costs £50 for Scottish museums’ staff and volunteers, and £80 for attendees from outwith the Scottish museums sector. These can be purchased through the MGS website as bundles of three courses for a 20% discount.

The individual courses within the Digital, Data and Marketing bundle cost £75 for Scottish museums’ staff and volunteers, and £100 for attendees from outwith the Scottish museums sector. These can be purchased through the MGS website as bundles of three courses for a 20% discount.

The stand-alone course, Rural Heritage and Commerciality, costs £20 for Scottish museums’ staff and volunteers, and £30 for attendees from outwith the Scottish museums sector.

Why Bundle?

Get more for the same cost. There’s greater value for money with 20% off the standard price of booking multiple individual sessions.

Pick which topic works best for you. Bundles can contain publications, rich media content, training or a combination of all of these and more.

Follow a development journey. Knowledge will develop over a number of sessions, so there’s a greater chance to reinforce and retain positive impacts.

Meet your strategic aims. Bundle content responds to sector needs, filling knowledge gaps and empowering a diverse workforce to reach their potential.

More Info

Whether you’re interested in a bundle or an individual course, you can find the details of all our upcoming training here. Call us on 0131 550 4100 if you need any help!

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