illumination: Harbour Festival of Light

06/07/2017 Admin

The dark of winter may be an unwelcome thought at this time of year when it’s still light at 10pm but a festival of light just doesn’t work in July. That’s what Connect learned this month when we travelled to the Scottish Maritime Museum (SMM) in Irvine to talk to


Going Industrial

06/07/2017 GoIndustrial

A Riveting Day Out. That’s what drew me in. Possibly the best tagline ever, created for Scotland’s industrial museums. Under a new, public-facing brand name – Go Industrial – this federation of independent Accredited industrial museums holding Recognised Collections has set a bold path of mutual support and cooperation. For


Early bird conference tickets now on sale

11/04/2017 Admin

Early bird tickets are now on sale for our 2017 conference, Inequalities: Bridging the Gap, on Thursday 12 October 2017 at the John McIntyre Conference Centre at Pollock Halls in Edinburgh.


Museums on the Frontline: Safeguarding our Living Heritage

11/04/2017 Joanne Orr

The world of museums conjures up images of stuff, objects, things that are tangible, however the value of this stuff is in what we know about it; the intangible stuff, what was it used for? Who used it? Or even what is it?  The intangible aspects of museum collections have


Access: Top Tips for Museums and Galleries

Promoting equality of access in museums goes beyond compliance: it is the right thing to do. Euan’s Guide reviewers have compiled the top tips for things you may not have thought about to make museum visits more accessible to them, beyond getting in the front door…


Celebrating Living Wage Accreditation

08/03/2017 Admin

  Today Museums Galleries Scotland is celebrating becoming a Living Wage employer. This means that as an organisation we’ve made a commitment to ensure that our staff or any contractors working for us are paid a minimum of £8.45 an hour.  The real Living Wage is calculated annually, and based

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