Winter exhibitions in Edinburgh

If the snow ever stops, or indeed if you decide to bundle up and brave the weather, then I recommend you check out the winter exhibitions currently on at the City Art Centre here in Edinburgh. You can warm up on arrival with a hot drink in the cafe (and perhaps a cake). On the first floor is an exhibtion of the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay. This is supplemented by photographs of Little Sparta taken by Martyn Greenhalgh. They really made me want to visit the gardens there.
The second and third floor are currently home to Window to the West, both contemporay and historical art works connected to the Highlands. I really enjoyed this exhibition because as well as familiar favourites such as Peploe, Cadell and John Duncan, there was work by artists who are new to me. It’s always a good feeling to discover someone. My favourites on the second floor were Grey Evening by Francis Walker and Mallaig by Willian Gillies. Both show storm clouds gathering, although very different in style to each other, and really evoke how it would feel to be on the shore in that weather. On the third floor, I was struck by Waulking the Cloth by Keith Henderson. At first glance this may appear to be a painting of a group of women who look identical, because the clothes they are wearing are similar in style and also colour. The view is down the length of table they are sitting at, and on closer inspection, each woman is very much an individual with completely different faces and expressions. Although each is wearing a cream shawl, every one has a different pattern. This was definitely my overall favourite in the exhibition.
The top floor is showing Spirit of Air: inscriptions by Lizzie Fairey. These are various works made using willow, from bowls to wall hangings. It’s a really inspirational display, and if it makes you want to get crafting, there are various events connected to this and the other exhibitions.

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