What’s this Twitter all about?

Some call it micro blogging, others use it to tell the world what they had for breakfast, Twitter has exploded onto everyone’s radar since it was first introduced in 2006, the growth has continued to roughly 300million registered users.

Essentially it is a text message (140 characters or less) which is broadcast to the world. If you want to hear what your favorite pop star is up to or even your favorite institution (for example @BritishMuseum) you ‘follow’ them, and therefore only read what they and other people you follow are broadcasting. Your ‘handle’ is your @username, why not go online and secure you or organisation’s name.

But why do it? Beyond just broadcasting inane text messages, tweeting has captured the world’s attention. An estimated 100million users regularly generate up to 60,000 tweets every hour (100k in the hour following Michael Jackson’s death) prove there must be more on there than coffee breaks and poor taste jokes. World events have been shared through Twitter.

Remember the photograph of a plane emergency landing on the Hudson? First shared via Twitter.


Plane landing in Hudson by Twitter

And the Arab Spring has been the most cited of late.

In the next couple of blogs I will share some jargon, tips and tricks on how to use Twitter. Most suggestions will be suitable for individuals and organisations. As with all methods of communications it is about tone, technique and delivery, all of these need to be appropriate.

I will share how you can use Twitter even if you don’t have a smart phone, what hashtag, #FF, MT, DM and RT are all about.

If you have any tips from your experiences send them in or comment here and we will share them wider.

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