What I did at the weekend – Festival of Museums

Last weekend was the Festival of Museums, so I thought I’d blog about the event that I attended. I went along to the Curator led tour of the exhibition celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Polish School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. I was attracted to this event because the subject was something I knew absolutely nothing about, and I thought it would be really interesting. My spidey senses didn’t let me down. The exhibition and tour gave an insight into a fascinating piece of Edinburgh history. The Polish School of Medicine functioned from 1941 to 1949. It was a unique initiative borne out of an unusual time. It’s the only occasion on which a sovereign state has set up its own faculty as part of another country’s university. The items in the exhibition really give you a feel for the mood at the time that the School was set up. There is a real sense of people working together to turn a less than ideal situation into an opportunity. In spite of the relative brevity of the School’s existence, graduates and staff have ensured a long lasting legacy through the establishment of the Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund and the Polish School of Medicine Historical Collection. The exhibition is on until the 25 June 2011, so check out the leaflet for opening times.

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