On Friday 2nd, I was in North Berwick for the second day of the VOCAL conference.  The two day conference engaged a number of overseas specialists to discuss best practice examples.  I was really disappointed to miss the previous day and heard about a number of the inspiring talks!

Mike Russell delivered a Ministerial address which focused on VOCAL’s role under the key themes of Centrality of Culture, Leadership, Creative Scotland and Quality (How Good is our Culture and Sport was specifically mentioned).  Bruce Dewar, 2010 Legacies Now, Vancouver outlined the legacy plans for the Winter and Paralympics.  He cited that the opportunities are immense but organisations have to take those opportunities.  It seems that there is a lot to learn from Vancouver’s approach to legacy planning.

I then attended a workshop on new approaches to promoting culture with diverse presentations on Norway’s Cultural Rucksack, Sistema in Venezuala and Scotland and developing Culture in rural Scotland.  I was really interested to hear more about how culture can be mainstreamed and tackle larger policy issues.  Whilst funding and resources are always an issue, many of these projects can make a marked change with available sources.

I recognised many of the conference attendees from the HGIOCS roadshows so it was great to catch up with them again and get more informal feedback.

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