UK Volunteers’ Week

Did you know that 1-7 June is UK Volunteers’ Week? Volunteer Development Scotland has been using the week to highlight the volunteering opportunities on the website Volunteer Scotland. This site enables organisations looking for volunteers to post volunteering opportunities. The minimum requirements for recruiting volunteers using the site are clearly laid out and further support is available through local Volunteer Centres.

The site also provides supporting information for people who are interested in becoming volunteers. This all helps people to find the right volunteering situation for them.

There are a number of museums already posting various volunteering opportunities. As well as these being listed on the Volunteer Scotland website, the latest additions also appear on the Volunteer Scotland Twitter feed @scotvolunteer.  So check out the site, it may be just the place you’ve been looking for to find new volunteers.


  1. Thanks for posting this Heather. We’re always looking to increase the number of volutneer roles available in museums and galleries on Volunteer Scotland. You can do this through local Volunteer Centres, or if you have roles across local authorities areas, you can use the Volutneering Zone to manage and post those roles directly online.
    Rebecca Dadge, Volunteer Development Scotland

  2. Thanks for your comment Rebecca. Hope Volunteers’ Week alerted more people to the services you provide.

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