Top ten tips for using twitter at the MGS conference

With the MGS ‘Fortune Favours the Brave‘ conference only three days away, I thought I’d share my top ten tips for getting the most out of using twitter at a conference. So many of us now tweet while attending events; but how do you really ensure it’s a useful tool, rather than a distraction?

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  1. Use the conference as a chance to update your twitter bio. Admit it, it’s been ages since you updated it, hasn’t it?  People like to know where you work as it adds context to your tweet, so it’s always nice to include that if you can.
  2. It’s the golden twitter rule at any event; remember to use the hashtag in EVERY tweet! For those smart cookies out there, you’ll notice we’re using the same hashtag as we used for our previous conference #MGSconf
  3. Send @MuseumsGalScot a tweet in the morning to say let us know you’re at the conference!  It’s always good to know which attendees are tweeters too.
  4. Credit speaker’s gems of wisdom – to acknowledge anything the speaker says either include their twitter username or full name. If the speaker uses twitter you’ll be able to find it in the conference programme.
  5. Try to not use the @ symbol as the first character in your tweet, unless you want to directly tweet that user. Writing the username at the start of a tweet limits it to appearing only in the timeline of users that follow both you and the person you mention at the start of the tweet. For conferences, it’s better if tweets reach as many people as possible to share the information; so just pop the username in the middle or at the end.
  6. If you’re keen on networking, consider changing your profile picture to one which looks like you. Remember, there’s nothing worse than still having that egg avatar from when you first created your account!
  7. Remember not to broadcast  – twitter is about conversations, so maybe use the conference as a chance to tweet with someone new.
  8. Remember tweets can acts as your notes – people often say to me they find it hard to listen, write notes and tweet all at the same time. However, from my experience the list of tweets from a conference is much better than any notes I could ever make. The day after the conference all the tweets will be made available on Storify, and this will create a record of the key points from each session.
  9. Keep an eye out for MGS staff tweeting  – many MGS staff have their own accounts and would love to tweet with you during the day. We’ll all have our twitter username on our badges (as well as in the programme).
  10. If you need any help working out how to use twitter or your device, please come and find me as I’m always happy to help!

I hope your enjoy the ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ conference and I look forward to tweeting with you all! Just in case you haven’t heard yet, we’re also having a pre-conference social. Full details can be found here:

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