The New King’s Museum in Old Aberdeen

I was up in the Granite City last week catching up with a museum colleague, so had the chance to check out the new King’s Museum at Aberdeen University. The museum is in a great spot, right in the middle of the King’s College campus. My visit coincided with the University’s Open Day, so there was quite a buzz about the place and a number of the new students popped in to see the museum whilst I was there.

The latest exhibition is all about the elements (chemical not bad weather!) I really enjoyed how objects, which might not have had any connection at first glance, were placed to gether to illustrate properties or aspects of the different elements. It helped me to see the objects in a completely different light. My two favourite items were the HUGE compass and the Chart of the Nuclides. I had great fun seeing how many of the symbols I could match with the name of an element.

If like me, you thought you’d missed the chance to see the 100 Curiosities exhibition, fear not, the museum staff have created the space to retain this display. It’s an eclectic mix as 100 people were invited to select an object from the University’s Collections. The guidebook accompanying the exhibition explains why each person chose the object they did. It’s so interesting to read what makes an item personally significant for somebody else. The exhibition gives a great flavour of the university collections. My only complaint is that having such a varied and engaging exhibition made it impossible for me to choose just one or two favourite things. (How on earth did the contributors manage?) I could only get my list down to five items, numbers 13, 14, 32, 73 and 99. If you want to know what they are you will have to pay the museum a visit!

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