The Happy Museum Commission Fund – Round 2

Followers of the blog might remember me posting last year about the Happy Museum and their £60,000 Commission Fund. If you aren’t one of the lucky six who got the funding and have been looking on enviously, there is a second chance to apply. The Happy Museum have recently announced their second open application fund of £60,000. The fund is available to museums to demonstrate how building links between sustainability and well-being can leave a legacy of cultural change within their organisations and communities.

The deadline for receipt of applications by hard copy and email is 12 noon on 5th October 2012. Check out their site for full details.

You can also read more about the successful applicants from the last round.

We’ll be waiting to see who the next bunch of happy museums are. So if your museum makes people as happy as the faces below, why not go for it?

Happy bread

Happy Bread by mmmmqc on Flickr

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