Statistically speaking

Last Thursday I went along to the Scottish Government Annual Statistics Stakeholder Conference. The event was held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and it was my first visit to this very impressive building.
The event was organised by the Scottish Government and connected to their work regarding the ScotStat network. It was a very useful and interesting day. The highlight for me was the presentation on the role of the UK Statistics Authority. This is a relatively new organisation which has two main functions
• oversight of the Office of National Statistics
• independent scrutiny (monitoring and assessment) of all official statistics produced in the UK

This blog entry gives me a good opportunity to plug the Official Statistics pages on our website. These pages provide
• an explanation of what official statistics are
• ideas for how museums and galleries could make use of official statistics
• support available regarding official statistics
• links to some official statistics websites.
One of my reasons for putting together these web pages was to make our members aware of data that is already being collected and made available, and which may be of interest and benefit. Much of the data is available at a local level. I’d be really glad to get any feedback on whether people have found the information useful.

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