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Last week saw the second in a series of Insights Café’s take place, the focus of this one was social media. Unsurprisingly it proved to be very popular so Sue and I were delighted to get the chance to attend.There was a diverse range of speakers covering topics ranging from on-line gaming to experimental sound technology projects.  Needless to say we were both frantically making notes throughout and this blog covers a couple of our favourite projects.

The first speakers of the afternoon were Simon Kirby and Tommy Perman from Found Electronics. They introduced us to Cybraphon, which is a robotic musical device housed inside an old Victorian wardrobe.  Cybaphon was designed to behave like a real band, image conscious and emotional, it constantly searches the web for reviews and comments about itself. The mood of Cybraphon is reflected in the music it plays which, in turn, is continuously changing depending on its online popularity.

The most interesting outcome was the public’s reaction to Cybraphon. With no clear instruction, people were forced to experiment in different ways in order to change Cyrbaphon’s mood, some would tweet insults at it and some would merely repeat its name over and over again. If you want to check how Cybraphon is feeling why not follow it on twitter – @Cybraphon

One of the other projects that we both really liked was one that Jim Richardson from Sumo Design spoke about, called Yorkshire’s Favourite Paintings.

In order to celebrate and promote the fact that many of the paintings held in Yorkshire’s museums and galleries are now available to view online, they came up with an ingenious idea to spark public interest.

Firstly, the good people of Yorkshire were asked to create a short-list of their favourite paintings from the on-line collection.  They then had the chance to win a print of their personal favourite by explaining why they loved it so much and where they would like to hang it, given the chance.  Our personal favourite at the moment is from Elliott Hales, but you will have to visit the website to find out why!

All in all it was a great event, (we even came away with some new ideas on using QR codes) and this is a just a very small taster of what was covered on the day so please look out for further blog posts. It’s also worth checking out the twitter archive to see what other’s had to say about the event.

Creative Scotland and Museums Galleries Scotland are planning is to run an Insight Café every month so please check Creative Scotland’s website for further information.

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