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Last Thursday was the June Insights and Ideas event on the topic of social media. We heard from some really inspirational speakers. If you weren’t able to attend or follow us on Twitter on the day, never fear,  Insights and Ideas – Social Media 2 has been immortalised on Storify by our Creative Scotland colleagues. It seems quite appropriate that an event which aims to inspire the audience with new ideas, has inspired us to use a new way to report on what happened. In case Twitter is something you are only just getting accustomed too, never mind Storify, here is why I think Storify is useful in a nutshell.

You can follow a thread on Twitter if those people Tweeting are all using a hashtag to show a connection between the Tweets, in this case #insightscafe. One downside to catching up on a thread is that new Tweets with the same hashtag will push older Tweets down the page, and  Tweets are in reverse order. Storify enables you to list Tweets beginning with earlier Tweets at the top of the page. It also allows you to add a  bit of narrative if the Tweets are from an event, and not all activity is reflected in the Tweets. For example, if there is a break for group discussions.

Another example of a Twitter thread being Storified that I saw recently was the @CultureFM Twitter Station “broadcasts”. This was a pilot programme that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Each of the shows from the pilot programme have been Storified, enabling you to “listen” to the show retrospectively.

I’m quite liking this as a way to give people access more easily to events / discussions they’ve missed. You don’t need to be on Twitter to access the Storify of the Tweets. Just click on the link.

While I’m talking about Insights and Ideas, the July topic is Equalities. It’s free to attend, but places are limited so please book in advance. Insights and Ideas is a creative café style meeting place for researchers, practitioners and policy makers. It’s organised jointly by us here at Museums Galleries Scotland and colleagues from Creative Scotland.

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