Social enterprise networks in Scotland

At the Insights and Ideas event earlier this month, we heard Sarah Cameron from Senscot speak about their social enterprise networks. I thought that this information was worth sharing with readers of the blog. Networks 1st is the name Senscot gives to their work with Social Enterprise Networks. These networks are both geographical and thematic, so you can make links with people both in your area as well as those who are involved in the same sector as you.

There is a cultural social enterprise network amongst the thematic networks. This network has members from throughout Scotland, and they are looking for more people to join them. Don’t worry if you aren’t already operating as a social enterprise, the network is open to those who are exploring this as a possibility. It’s an opportunity to come together to share knowledge and best practice, so why not get in touch with them?

Although there is not currently a Senscot geographic network for the Highlands and Islands, support is available from the Highlands and Islands Social Enterprise Zone.

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