September Insights and Ideas – Inside Out

Booking for the September Insights and Ideas is open, so roll up to join us as we hear how people have been using outside space in ways which challenge the usual way of working – for example, taking events which usually happen inside to the outdoors.

Insights and Ideas is a creative café style meeting place for researchers, practitioners and policy makers. It’s organised jointly by us here at Museums Galleries Scotland and colleagues from Creative Scotland. The hashtag is #insightscafe, so if you aren’t able to be there in person, you can still join us on Twitter and follow the conversation. So don’t delay, check out the full details and book today!

We’re not the first people to find exiting the premises and using the space outside buildings an interesting topic. (As long as you are dressed for the weather like the people below, you should be fine.)

Image from The National Library of Ireland on The Commons, Flickr


Inspired by the Ecsite Annual Conference in June this year, Jasper Visser published a post on his The Museums of the Future Blog on this very theme. “How the heck do you leave a building?” lists seven things to take into account when thinking about using the space outside

  1. Time.
  2. Staff who feel comfortable being outside.
  3. Cooperation with uncommon partners.
  4. Openness to new ideas and approaches.
  5. Resources and room for small scale experiments.
  6. An end to thinking about your building as a destination.
  7. Somewhere strong to start from and return to (for instance, your building or mission).

In particular, Jasper’s found the Museum Rotterdam’s “The City as Muse” work, an “amazing outreach and participatory project”. He’s posted about this work in more detail, highlighting those aspects which make it exemplary in his opinion.

I’m looking forward to hearing how our September Insights and Ideas speakers have approached venturing beyond their own walls, and will report back later.

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