Second briefing session with QIS pilotees

We held the second briefing session yesterday with QIS pilotees at the Hunterarian Museum.  There was representation from Culture Sport Glasgow, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery and Auchindrain Trust.  It was really useful to work through the issues in a smaller group.  This meant participants had more time to reflect on issues and consider what they could bring the pilot.

Participants made positive comments about what using the QIS would mean for them, which was a different perspective given this group represented University and Independent Museums.  One key strength of the QIS is that is will provide the sector with a consistent approach to shaping information.  It will also provide a more strategic approach – Independent and University Museums also deliver on Local Authority agendas so QIS will highlight the commonality of interest.

Participants had some practical suggestions about how QIS should operate.  It needs to be robust so it does not get buried amongst other initiatives.  It also needs to be written in plain English and clear for the user.

I found this session very rewarding, it was really helpful to consider how the framework will work in practice.  The participants were very open and honest with their comments.  This will strengthen the process and assist with developing a stronger model.

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