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This is a guest post by Sarah-Jane Rennie
Well I’m nearly halfway through my secondment at Museums Galleries Scotland and what a fantastic time I’m having.  Everyone has been really generous with their time and I’m learning a great deal about how the museum and gallery sector works in Scotland.  I have been really surprised by some of the parallels between Museums Galleries Scotland and Museums & Galleries New South Wales as well as impressed by some of the Scottish approaches to tackling challenging issues.

The Choices for Change toolkit that was launched last month is a really practical approach to an enormously challenging situation that many museums and galleries in Scotland are faced with – what to do in a changing (and possibly shrinking) operational climate.  While we are not facing quite the same dilemmas in Australia, I think there are valuable lessons to be learnt from Choices for Change.

I have also been impressed by the three guidance documents produced by Museums Galleries Scotland – “Working for you”, “Cornerstones of Communities” and “How museums can help you”.  These documents are great tools for explaining where museums fit into broader government agendas and promoting to government the significant work museums do within and for communities.  The projects outlined in the documents show the vitality of the museum sector in Scotland and highlight the important role museums can play within communities of all shapes and sizes.

As the sun was out over the weekend, I’ve been able to wander around Edinburgh and get some sense of the city.  If you’re interested in getting a bit of a feel for where I’ve been please have a look at the M&GNSW blog page.

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