Rwanda: Day 7

The plan was to leave Kigali and head up to the mountains for a Gorilla naming ceremony ‘Kwita Izina’ being run by the tourism department but first we held a meeting to decide how best we asEuropean Directors could work together to help the museums in Rwanda.  The result of this meeting was the decision to create an International Advisory Board for three years that would meet once a year at our own expense.  The Board would advocate on behalf of the museum and help to create a global network of partners and supporters, we decide to invite several other key organisations to collaborate.  

Membership of the Board is as follows; Dr Guido Gryseels, Director of the Tervuren Africa Museum , Belgium, Professor Jack Lohman, Director, Museum of London, Dr Anette Rein, ICME Committee for Museums of Ethnography  and Alphonse Umuliisa, Director General Institute of the National Museums of Rwanda.  I was invited to Chair and agreed so we all signed up and pledged to meet again in a year’s time.  At this point Guido had to leave us as he was returning to Belgium so we left to make the journey to the mountains in Ruhengeri in Musanze.


  1. Hi Joanne, I’ve been really enjoying your blog posts about your fascinating trip to Rwanda. Sounds like great work and an unusual insight into what museums mean and can achieve. Hope the rest of the trip proves as rewarding and enjoyable!

  2. It is great to hear that the experience of museums in Rwanda has some resonance for our work here in Scotland. I am hoping that international partnership can continue to help museums in Scotland to think globally as well as locally.

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