Rwanda: Day 6

Whilst the others went off to see museums I had already visited I went back to do a strategic planning workshop with staff picking up from the ideas they had all put forward the day before.  I am not sure they had worked like this as a group before, but what they had been doing together for the Cultural Tourism day meant there was a very strong sense of teamwork.  In two hours we were able to come up with a list of seven priority areas and lots of ideas of what could be done in three years under these. This will now form the basis of the museum’s strategic plan and Head of Strategy Jerome was delighted to have so much to write up and assured me they would re run the exercise to refine the work. It was a real privilege to work with these people and I do hope we can set up some wider partnerships with other museums as both parties would have a great deal to gain.

Next was a tour of the training areas for the museums. Normally the museum would serve lunch to the apprentices, part of the incentive to undertake training in traditional crafts, but the program had run out of money for this so the boys had gone home earlier!  The remaining girls were learning beadwork and basket work, their detailed and accomplished work destined for sale in the museum shop.

All too quickly it was time to say our goodbyes including to Viviane who had been my guide to this point; an inspiring young woman, a survivor, a former beauty queen and about to graduate in environmental studies to enable her to head up the new environmental museum.

Then it was back to Kigali with a quick stop at the contemporary art museum also in Nyanza, this was the King’s ‘new’ house built in the 1950s in which he had never lived.  They have a purchase program acquiring African contemporary art from national competitions around the continent with some great results.

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