Revisiting Collections workshop

You might know by now that we have recently been working on a pilot project using the Revisiting Collections Methodology to assist museums in engaging with their local communities, in order to reveal new information about existing collections. The feedback from participants has been encouraging – East Lothian Council Museums Service found that 100% of the participants (including staff) felt that they learnt something new from the project, and 100% of focus group participants felt that the Museums Service had learnt something from them.  Overall, the pilotees found the methodology both adaptable and sustainable and each are committed to using Revisiting Collections in future projects, whether to assist in exhibition planning, responding to user-needs and visitor feedback, or to re-create labels and improve interpretative materials. 

To enable you to get the most out of your collections, MGS are planning to hold an additional training workshop on Tuesday 28th September at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh. Collections Trust consultant, Susie Hillhouse, will introduce the toolkit, explore the challenges and opportunities involved in opening up museum collections, and provide ideas on ways to use your existing collections management systems so you can work more effectively and enhance your services.

 This event is free, but places are limited so please book early by contacting Sue Wheeler. In the meantime you can find an introduction to the UK-wide Revisiting Collections project, along with information on how to get started, on the Collections Link website; or please feel free to contact me via comment or via our website if you would any further information.

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