Revisiting Collections workshop

Last Tuesday we held a training workshop in how to use the Revisiting Collections Toolkit, at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh. It turned out to be a fantastic venue (with a great spread at lunchtime!) and a really productive day for all who attended.

The session was led by Collections Management Network consultant, Susie Hillhouse, who began by introducing the toolkit and explaining a little about how it can be adapted to museums of varying size, governing structure and organisational priorities; how the methodology can support museum practice; and what’s unique about this process – primarily that it supports hands-on engagement with collections and provides structure for gathering and recording responses. The group participated in a number of practical sessions, exploring how to run a focus group session and ways in which to capture and manage the new information learnt. In addition, Susie talked through the theory behind using Revisiting Collections with focus group; sourcing and sharing new information; and creating a legacy through capturing and recording user-generated information and adapting individual collections management systems for managing new collections knowledge. There was plenty of time for group discussion and it provided a fantastic opportunity for those who were there to share their experiences of working on previous outreach projects and to offer advice and learn from one another as they take forward their own projects using the Revisiting Collections methodology.

We will shortly be setting up a dedicated Revisiting Collections page on our website under the Collections Development tab, where you will be able to follow links to useful information, read case studies and find updates on progress within the UK-wide project, as well as information on any forthcoming training opportunities in this field. In the meantime, more information can be found on Collections Link, or you are welcome to contact me via comment or via our website if you have any questions.

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