QIS Visit to Auchindrain Museum

The torrents of rain in Argyll and Bute on Tuesday last didn’t dampen our spirits for an excellent visit to Auchindrain Museum as part of the Quality Improvement System (QIS) pilot work. The museum being open on a seasonal basis, pilotee Bob Clark was keen that Tim Dent and I gained an understanding of how the museum operated before conducting a validation visit later in the year. In turn, we were interested to explore how a validation visit might work at a practical level. On arrival, we received a warm welcome from Sheila before taking a tour of the township. Bob then met us to discuss the museum, their plans and the Impact Measures they are piloting. We finished off with an informal discussion with two members of staff and two volunteers. The visit reassured us that the QIS can work at an independent museum level to help address operational and strategic challenges and drive improvement. The view seemed to be that aside from some language issues, the structure of the toolkit hits the mark. The contribution of staff and volunteers to the day was invaluable, providing both a support to Bob’s comments about the museum and a different perspective on how local perceptions of Auchindrain Museum are changing. So thanks goes to everyone we met and we’re looking forward to returning in the winter.

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