QIS Pilot starts!

We hosted a briefing session yesterday with pilotees on testing the QIS framework as part of pilot work.  If you want to find out more about QIS and pilot, please follow the link below


I have been working on this project for almost three years so it was really gratifying to identify the pilotees and get the project off the ground.  In many ways this day felt like it was a long time coming!  Consultants Tim Dent and Emma King ran the session with Alastair Delaney from HMIe.  As Tim noted, it shows how forward thinking the pilotees are to get involved with this innovative and dynamic project.

I’m really excited about finding out how the framework will work in practice.  The pilotees will have three months “to breathe life” into the framework, before Tim and the team verify the evidence.  It was an intensive afternoon given the level of information but there were opportunities to discuss matters.  I was really pleased to see how the group bonded and engaged with the task.

It has been a period of intense activity to prepare the ground for the pilot.  24 hours seems like a long time in this project at the moment!  I’m also working to ensure links are made to How Good is Our Culture and Sport and the Accreditation Development project.  Last week I spoke at three How Good is Our Culture and Sport roadshows in Dundee, Glasgow and Falkirk and the Museum Standards event in Glasgow.  Whilst the level of activity has been challenging, it has been really useful to meet people at events and discuss the project.  Certainly I have been able to apply the learning almost immediately and it has definitely helped to shape pilot work.

I’m hoping next week will provide a chance to regroup.  I’m attending the Accreditation Advisory group and VOCAL conference.  I think both will provide important opportunities to discuss this project.  Given the project pace, I’ll post regular updates to help you track progress.

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