Publicity opportunity for you!

In my role as Marketing Manager at MGS I often get approached by companies with a range of ideas about how they can work with museums and galleries. I have to say, not many of them strike the right chord and I often have to set them straight about what is and isn’t possible. However, this email arrived in my inbox the other day:

We have a regular competition on our website, which goes out on our newsletter each month and I wondered if you can spare some complimentary tickets for us to use which will give your attraction some valuable marketing exposure at the same time.  Our website attracts 45 million hits a year. These tickets should have a good lengthy validity period and we will be sending them out from here when prize winners are selected each month.

Many attractions ask us how many we would like, and we would normally say between 1 and 10 family tickets which will be used at different periods through the year depending on their validity period.  If you have accommodation attached, a really good prize would be a joint accommodation/attraction break would be great.

If you are happy to let us have some, please send to our address – Days Out Publishing Ltd, 6 Greatford Gardens, Greatford, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 4PX 

kind regards

Elisabeth Beckett, Advertisement Director, Days Out Publishing

01778 560801

Although I know that many of you have free entry to your attractions and this won’t suit everyone, I thought I’d share the opportunity with you. If anyone has any fantastic exhibitions coming up that they would like to promote or would like to be involved, you can contact Elisabeth directly. Why not visit the website and find out more about Days Out.

I hope this is useful to you. I’d also love to get some feedback about whether we should be posting more of these opportunities on the blog – so please do let me know. Drop me a comment!

Thanks, and I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year!


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