Patchwork Pitch Work

I was recently given a sewing machine for my birthday and my first project was a quilt for my nephew.  So, imagine my delight when I was invited to the launch of an exhibition by Ann Hill , Quilter,  at the Scottish Football Museum.  I am guessing many of you are wondering how an earth the words Quilting and Scottish Football could appear in the same sentence.  Well it is the result of a fantastic project involving Ann, the Scottish Football Museum and Alzheimer’s Scotland working with individuals, and their families, suffering from dementia.   The quilts are created, with a range of images, patterns and pictures, which help to trigger memories and start up conversations. 

I also had the opportunity to chat with a number of very experienced quilters and got some fantastic pointers and tips (thanks Trisha and Barbour from Carrick Quilters!)

It really is a fantastic exhibition and one I’d recommend for quilting and football fanatics alike!

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