New Wiki route to digital resources

On 22 November I attended a briefing in Edinburgh by Chris Batt on the Digipedia project commissioned by the Strategic Content Alliance with funding from JISC.  Digipedia will bring together in one place authoritative resources (standards, policies, case studies, good practice and links to expertise) on all aspects of digital content using Wiki technology. 

So why is this important to MGS?

Firstly, museums are one of Digipedia’s target audiences, alongside other institutions creating high-quality digital materials for research and learning. So the resources in it will be relevant and useful to our members.

Secondly, through our Digital Content Action Framework we support and encourage member museums in Scotland to better create, deliver, preserve and share digital content.  Digipedia will make it easier to find relevant information and advice on how to do that. So it will help us to help our members, and help members to more easily source relevant advice directly. 

Thirdly, while some practitioners have the time and prior knowledge to track down and digest expert advice in more traditional formats the use of Wiki technology makes it easier for more people to access it, whether novice or expert.  So it should save us all time and effort as well as improve the quality of museums’ digital products and services.

I have asked to be kept updated on progress on the project and we will update you through the digital content pages of our website.  It is due to complete next March.   Or use the Digipedia project link above to be updated directly.

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