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Attending a meeting of VisitScotland Quality Advisory Committees, I was shown the brand new VisitScotland website (launched 30th April). Given so many museums are part of the VisitScotland Quality Assurance Scheme, I thought I would blog my first impressions. The overall design is clear and easy to use – the homepage is similar to the BBC website. Things I liked were the connections with local attractions when you view accommodation. So,when you click on a hotel or B&B, underneath are images of attractions (often museums) near to the hotel/B&B. Museums fare quite well in the list of free attractions too, under the tab Things to Do on the homepage.

Disappointingly the section on History under About Scotland does not list museums, instead the link is hidden and you have to click on History first before a link to museums appears. A number of attractions and venues also lack photos as there were copyright issues. However VisitScotland are very amenable to feedback at the point and have highlighted that this is only phase 1 of the project. So, ways that you can help improve the site are: supplying images of your museum(s) and feeding back comments. Comments can easily be fed back via the website itself and, so far, VisitScotland have been quick to respond.

MGS meanwhile is exploring what we can offer to improve the website and details on how we/you can feed into their What’s On events feed. Final comment on the new site has to be that, in the short space of time it has been live, some organisations have seen a 500% increase in referrals from the site!

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