New advice resources for our members

MGS has launched a brand new pair of complementary factsheets, one focusing on internal research and the other on facilitating external researchers. These are freely available to download from the collections pages on the MGS website and are intended to support you in taking the first steps towards understanding, undertaking and facilitating collections research. They cover such issues as how to prepare and execute a research plan; identifying sources of information, expertise and funding; advocating the importance of research to trustees; creating a dedicated research space; preparing a research agreement, and connecting with higher education organisations and specialist groups. 

Research projects are vital to developing museums and their collections and we hope that these advice sheets will raise confidence about the practical implications of undertaking research, and encourage museums that this can be done regardless of limited scale, capacity and resources. If you have any questions about research projects within your museum then please feel free to contact me by comment or via our website.

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