Museumpreneurs – New ideas from and for museums

I came across a cool blog today and had to post and share it with all of our readers. Museumpreneurs shares ideas for making more of museums. The things I really liked were how imaginative the ideas were, and how very simple. The two common themes are “thinking about things from a different perspective” and “have fun”. Some of the ideas may seem to be a little off the wall at first glance, but don’t be put off, it’s definitely worth a look.

In case you can’t see a connection between the ideas and what your museum does, each post gives three ways in which you could apply the thinking to your own situation. Hearing what other people are up to is always a good way to kick-start the creative thinking process. It doesn’t cost anything to take a look, and it might help you come up with new ways to help people see your museum in a fresh light.

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