MGS Training Programme

For all of you that have attended an MGS course over the past few years you’ll know that we run 2 programmes a year offering a range of courses to support members with Accreditation , and developing  good practice. I am taking a good look at our training provision and I plan to get feedback from all members on what you think about our training provision and what you might like us to include. The idea is to come up with a programme of training that fits the needs of your service. In fact, in response to demand, I have scheduled another Emergency Planning  course on the 2nd December in Edinburgh. So, if you missed out on the first one, now’s your chance!

 As part of our training service, I am looking to signpost members to other courses and training providers via our website, so if you have attended any courses, workshops or seminars that you think others might benefit from, then we’d love to hear from you.

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