MGS participate in Scottish Third Sector research conference

Yesterday, Alison and I attended the SCVO Scottish Third Sector Research Conference. The conference themes were localism, recession and innovation and the audience included researchers, policy-makers and practitioners. We were there to present on social impact research on museums and galleries in Scotland. Our focus was the Volunteering in Museums research and the Cornerstones of Communities research, both published this year. In spite of being the last presentation in the last breakout session, there was a really good turnout for the session. Our fellow presenter was Sarah Keen, New Philanthropy Capital who was speaking about “Communicating value using Social Return on Investment”. The two presentations fit well together and there were plenty of questions for us afterwards. It was great to have the chance to share the work that museums and galleries are doing to a different audience. It gave us a real boost that our presentation was so well received and that the audience was so interested in our research work and the research findings.

The rest of the conference provided a chance for us to hear about the kind of work other people are involved in. There was a lot of food for thought and we came away with plenty of information to follow up on.

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