MGS joins Prince’s Mayday Network

It is not a secret that the climate is changing, museums have roles to play relating to education, developing good practice and reducing impact, to name a few. The Museums Association published findings from focus groups held throughout the UK’s museums and galleries in 2008 around the topic of sustainability, and have a section on their new website about it.

MGS has joined the Prince’s Mayday Network which is Scotland’s largest network of organisations committed to tackling climate change. There are six pledges which you can choose to focus activity. We have not chosen which we will do yet, but we have an internal group working on an MGS environmental policy which will decide which pledge is most suitable.

Today we sent out a notice to all members advising them of the Network and encourage them to consider the benefits of joining this free network. Once signed up, the Network will provide tips on how to achieve the pledges and support from similar organisations who have made progress.

MGS would like to provide assistance to the museums who sign up through a variety of ways; collating energy use, sharing of good practice ideas, etc.

If you are interested in more information contact me (Mark Macleod) or if you want to sign up and find out more information on the pledges and which to choose, please go to Scottish Business in the the Community web pages that are running the Network.

If you have any revolutionary ideas on how to save energy and be more sustainable, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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