Lighting the way

I don’t claim to be as avid a lighthouse enthusiast as the Princess Royal (patron of the Northern Lighthouse Board) but I do love them and anything to do with them.  Last year I was lucky enough to see lots of lighthouses down the west coast of the US including (reputedly) the most photographed lighthouse in the world at Heceta Head in Oregon, naturally the day we visited it was shrouded in mist and rain!  NMS have a great little exhibition on at the moment called Shining Lights which I would recommend for some really fascinating insights into the enginnering of lighthouses and the huge influcence of the Stevenson family but above all I would still recommend anyone to visit the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses for a complete guide to what life in a lighthouse was really like.  When I visited we had an excellent guide whose Dad was a lighthouse keeper and she had some great tales to tell.  This year is also the bicentenary of the legendary Bell Rock Lighthouse so there are lots of events to check out round that and if that’s not enough The Islands Book Trust are putting on a series of lectures and visits (weather permitting) to celebrate the history of Hebridean lighthouses.  Right off home to read my new book – The Lighthouse Stevensons by Bella Bathhurst, on sale at all good bookshops and NMS gift shops.


  1. Love the lighthouse plug. The events for the 200th anniversary of the building of the Bell Rock Lighthouse have been great so far. We are really looking forward to the conference at The Royal Society of Edinburgh on 4th Feb.

    • Thanks Virginia – let us know how the conference goes, is certainly suitably blustery weather to get people in the mood!

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