Launch of “Surgeons’ Hall: a museum anthology”

On Thursday evening, I attended the launch of “Surgeons’ Hall: a museum anthology”. This guide to the Surgeons’ Hall Museum is beautifully illustrated by the most amazing photographs of objects that are part of this Recognised Collection. Dawn Kemp, former Director of Heritage at the museum and author of the book, read us excerpts. Dawn also shared some stories about the collection and some of the more famous people with a connection to the College and the museum, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Joseph Lister and James Simpson Young. I’ve recently visited Surgeons’ Hall and as a result found it fascinating to hear how some of these famous and historical characters had described their experiences of the museum.

It was great to be able to represent Museums Galleries Scotland at this event and to see one of the outputs of the Recognition Fund. I also enjoyed the chance to chat with some of the museum volunteers and to hear about their really positive experiences of volunteering at Surgeons’ Hall Museum.

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  1. I am trying to contact Dawn Kemp – do you by any chance know where she has gone? Best wishes, Ruth R

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