If your museum makes people happy and you know it…

Readers of my previous blog posts will know that visiting museums makes me happy, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. If your museum is interested in promoting happiness and well-being, there is a new fund that should be right up your street. It’s part of the Happy Museum Project led by Tony Butler, the Director of the Museum of East Anglian Life and funded through the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Breakthrough Fund. (The name of the project alone is enough to put a smile on my face. ) The principles behind the project are explained in their paper “The Happy Museum: A tale of how it could turn out all right.”

The fund of £60,000 is available to museums to demonstrate that the principles of happiness and well-being can leave a legacy of cultural change within their organisations or communities. It’s open to museums throughout the UK and full background details along with the application form are available on the Happy Museum website. So what are you waiting for, check out the site today.

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