How to start a modern art collection with less than £100 to spend

The £40 Art Collection is awe inspiring in that it shows how much can be achieved simply by asking nicely.  Tom Alexander loved modern art but as an Arran shopkeeper with a family to look after did not have much disposable income.  Nevertheless he wrote to a number of artists requesting that they sell them a piece of art for the modest sum of £40 (his annual income from the Officers Emergency Army Reserve) and a number of significant art world figures including L.S. Lowry, Sir Stanley Spencer and Barbara Hepworth agreed.  The correspondence between Tom and the artists is as fascinating as the works of art themselves.  This is definitely worth a visit (at Talbot Rice Gallery until 11 December) before or after you have taken the time to see Gray Stuff.  Right, off to draft my letter to Alasdair Gray…..

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