Heather’s Show Scotland adventure: Part 3 – Edinburgh

Back in Edinburgh, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than at the Show Scotland event at the Museum of Fire? They were having an open day, so this was a good chance to go and have a look around the museum. There’s lots to look at from fire fighting equipment to fire engines to fire helmets. It’s really interesting to see how the engines and equipment have changed over the years. My favourite object is the jump sheet, a circular canvas sheet with rope handles around the edge. The idea being that the firemen could catch people who had to jump from a burning building. You’ll be glad to know that these are no longer used as equipment has moved on a bit since then!
The other item that made me smile was the poster advertising Shand Mason firefighting equipment. This equipment was aimed at those who lived in a mansion, and the poster shows footmen and maids coming to the rescue with a Shand Mason extinguisher, whilst the lady of the house helpfully points towards the raging inferno.
One thing that struck me as I was looking at the exhibits is how inventive firefighters have been, adapting and developing their equipment to deal with the situations they have found themselves in. It’s a great museum giving a real insight into the history of the fire service. Well worth a visit.

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