Gray-t stuff

On Friday night Emma and I went along to the opening of the two new exhibitions at the Talbot Rice Gallery. I was particularly excited at the prospect of seeing the art work included in “Gray Stuff: designs for books and posters, 1952-2010” by the inimitable Alasdair Gray. If the word gray conjures up images of dreariness in your brain, then get yourself along to this exhibition as Gray’s art is anything but dull and boring. This is your rare chance to see the original art work with which Gray has illustrated his own writing and also posters advertising plays by Glasgow writers such as James Kelman. I usually try to choose a favourite item from an exhibition to include in a blog post, but this time it was just impossible to choose one thing. I liked everything, a lot. There was a real buzz in the gallery as the other attendees obviously shared our opinion of the exhibition. In fact, it almost felt like we were in an installment of “44 Scotland Street” as Ian Rankin, Liz Lochhead and Jamie Byng were also around, not to mention the artist himself.
Over to Emma to tell you about the other exhibition.

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